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Free Walking Tour – The cheapest and best way to explore a city

Nowadays, many Free Walking Tours have established themselves in an incredible number of cities worldwide. Nevertheless, there are some travellers who have not attentedsuch a tour yet. If you are one of them, I will try to explain the principle in this entry.

A Free Walking Tour is becoming more and more popular, as it differs a little from a conventional tour. With a classic sightseeing tour, you usually pay a certain amount of money in advance for the service and then get the guided tour. With a free walking tour you first listen to the stories about the different sights and only pay the money or a donation towards the end. You choose as much money as the content of the tour or the entertainment was worth to you. The concept has actually only really spread at the beginning of 2010 and is becoming more popular every year. In the beginning it were mainly young people and backpackers who took part. In the meantime, people of all ages have joined as participants. I have also taken part in such tours in many cities and for me it is one of the best starting points to get to know a foreign city a little better. Not all are perfect and the quality differs from tour to tour. But with a little research in advance, you can choose the most exciting tour with the best feedback over the internet. Most of the time the guides meet at well-known sights and especially at Covid-19 times you often have to book in advance for free so that the group does not get too big. The guides can often be recognized by their fancy colored umbrellas or t-shirts.

The advantage is that the guide is often really motivated to entertain you with (mostly) profound knowledge. Because if the tour is boring, some participants leave the tour in advance or donate less at the end of the tour. Towards the end of the tour you will often get more information about delicious dishes you should try and some really good restaurant, market or sightseeing tips. Especially for single travellers this is a nice alternative to meet like-minded people outside a hostel and to broaden your horizon in a relaxed atmosphere. I can highly recommend the participation to everyone. Finally a picture of what it all looked like in Prague, for example:

Picture of a Free Walking Tour

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