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World trip – How to cancel all current contracts in Germany without any problem?

This applies to a German citizien. In case you are not a German citizien changes may apply:

You want to go on a longer trip and therefore cancel your contracts in Germany? Since I also had to deal with this before my world trip, I would like to share my experiences here. In the end, there is nothing more unnecessary than to go on a world trip and continue to have financial obligations in Germany. Because electricity, internet and the health insurance do not necessarily make it easy to disclose the necessary information for the special right of termination. But in the end it is very easy to make use of the special right of termination.

All you need is a deregistration certificate of your residence in Germany. In order to receive this, you must personally deregister with your identity card or passport at your registration office. By deregistering your residence from Germany, you unfortunately also have no right to participate in local, state or federal elections during your stay abroad. The deregistration is free of charge and you will receive a written confirmation of your deregistration in Germany, the so-called „Abmeldebescheinigung“. According to the law, you can deregister retroactively at the office at the earliest one week before you move out or up to two weeks after you have moved out. 

However, it is very important that you sign an international health insurance before you leave Germany. For almost all international health insurances in Germany, it is necessary that you still have a residence in Germany when you sign the contract. With your certificate of deregistration you can then submit your special right of termination for the current contracts. With me this went without any problems with private health insurance, electricity providers and internet providers.

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