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Month: January 2023

9 Best Things To do in Malawi And A Full Travel Guide

Malawi is located in the south-eastern part of Africa, bordering Zambia to the north-west, Tanzania to the north-east and Mozambique to the south. Malawi has the beautiful nickname “the warm heart of Africa” because it is famous for its hospitality. You watch children walking barefoot on tiptoe, or meet fishermen on the shores of Lake Malawi who give you some fish because they are happy to see you. The fascination of Malawi…

Best 3 VPN to choose and why it is important

You are traveling and you want to access the same websites as you are used too? E.g you want to book your hotels on but you can’t access this website in some countries like e.g. Turkey? With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) it is possible. You have privacy, can connect to all websites, can watch sport events and you can continue to watch you favorite netflix tv show abroad. In the following post I show you the advantages and recommend you 3 easy to use and secure VPN’s to choose from