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Wanderlust in Uganda: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Uganda boasts pristine natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife. Churchill once described it as the “Pearl of Africa,” and truly, Uganda lives up to that description. The country offers adventure sports, a wealth of wildlife, and is home to some of Africa’s primates, often referred to as “the quiet giants”. Uganda is one of the 3 countries in the world where you can see the Mountain Gorillas and…

Guarding Your Digital Life: Data Protection Tips for Travelers

Travel is an exciting experience that enriches individuals culturally and intellectually. These days, everyone has one of those little mini-computers in their pocket, a cell phone. In most cases, highly sensitive data is stored on the cell phones, and losing a cell phone is not only time-consuming, since many apps have sensitive data and may require re-authorization to access it again. On the other hand, there is also the great danger that someone else will take over the data…

Full guide to buy football tickets in Turkey

When Fenerbace plays Besiktas, there are many people in Istanbul running around with the colourful jerseys. Football is the number one sport in Turkey, and what could be more exciting than watching a match live in the stadium? Istanbul is home to numerous clubs in the first Turkish league, the SüperLig. Fenerbace, the top club on the Anatolian side with its stadium in Kadiköy, and Besiktas on the European side with its stadium right next to Dolmabahce Sarayi Palace. The importance

Why you should really never accept the suggested exchange rate at the atm

I meet people all the time when travelling who get scammed at ATMs. The problem is that they accept the exchange fee in, for example, Euro € to another currency. First of all, never, really NEVER allow the conversion into your home currency! No matter which country you are in! Many banks or ATM operators try…

How to convert a car into a camper

It’s virus-time in Europe, hotels are quite expensive, dorms are not fully open. So there can be many questions your mind. How to travel on budget when you don’t want to pay too much just for sleeping and still be… Continue Reading…