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Let the new adventure begin

The journey has begun. After I haven’t made a longer trip for two years now (the last one was from Jan – Apr 2018 to the Philippines/Indonesia and yes, the four weeks in Argentina and Uruguay in November I just put it in the “too-short” category) now is the time again.

So what happened in the meantime? After almost 7 years of working, I seized what felt like my last chance, terminated my employment with the bank and actually don’t want to work in Germany again (probably) until spring 2022. So in almost 2 years. I also terminated my flat in Bonn and now I have a funny sticker on my identity card, “no apartment in Germany”. So things are solved but there are still a couple of questions… Where should I go now? will I really last that long? Am I getting homesick and should I write a blog?

Well, at least the last question is not necessary anymore (yes, you are reading the blog already). I’m allowed to occupy myself with the other questions for the next weeks and months. And in which language do I write the blog now? During my quite long time out in 2010 I already had written a blog in German. However, when travelling, you meet so many multicultural people with whom you would like to share your travel experiences and I really should work on my English again… so let’s try it in English. Maybe I can create a website for both languages… let’s wait and see! Old travelogues are still available in German. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and everything else around mistakes, I have migrated directly to this website to make it look authentic.

Good luck with reading!

Bye the way thats me, getting out of this normal life

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