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Month: July 2021

My way up to Monterrey, how a dog bit me, desert, cactuses and the sea in Baja California Sur

Leaving the surroundings of Ciudad Valles (state of San Luis Potosi) was not so easy because of the beautiful nature and the nice people. Nevertheless, the journey has to continue bit by bit and so I set off for Monterrey.… Continue Reading…

Why is San Luis Potosi one of the top states in Mexico?

After leaving Guadalajara behind, I invested a little time in researching the best way to get to San Luis Potosi. This is one of the states that lies a little further north and is therefore a little off the popular… Continue Reading…

5 awesome things to do in Guadalajara

Here I was in Guadalajara. Originally, it was definitely not a planned destination, but in the end, most travellers could only tell me positive things about Guadalajara. So I also wanted to give the city a chance to take a… Continue Reading…