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Hitchhikers, Beautiful Dresden, first night in a hostel and bed bugs

Actually, I am sitting next to my car in the beautiful evening sunshine in Saxon Switzerland and I just had a nutella roll. But before I report about walks in the nature, we go back to the city of Dresden or rather on the drive from Berlin to Dresden…

…because after I had spent the weekend in Berlin, I went to the gas station to give the car a little bit of strength for the two-hour drive to Dresden. And as fate would have it, at the gas station there was already a hitchhiker with a sign after… exactly, Dresden! Covid-19 or not, I can’t leave the girl at the gas station. After all, anyone who has ever hitchhiked himself always likes to take other people with him. And besides, you are usually entertained. As a rule! In this case quite little… because Pavlina from Poland spoke surprisingly little English as well as no German. Anyway, I took this from her word fragments and except for a little small talk we both could listen to the radio. At least she admired my cool built-in bed in the car. Most of the past days when she was travelling,  she just slept in her sleeping bag where it fit. Almost like me, at least if you believe the imprint on my German identity card.

After I dropped Pavlina off, I walked a few meters to the hostel. Yeah, my first hostel visit in Covid-19 times. I more or less stumbled over it in the internet, that some hostels are open again and dorm rooms are fully occupied. You can see it how you want. But if airplanes don’t keep their distance… well, why endanger the hostel industry. Anyway, I thought… shared rooms, in Dresden central and free parking? Yes yes yes, I have to support that directly! And, it was a really fancy hostel! A lot of space, nice receptionists with cool tips and within walking distance to the Neustadt. why I don’t call the hostel by name now?… I’ll come back to that later. First of all I have to report a little euphoric about Dresden!

Semper Oper and Frauenkirche
Movie Nights in front of the Elbe

Because… Dresden is absolutely fantastic! Even the way to the old town was incredibly beautiful. And there is a lot of construction going on. Hard to imagine how it would be without all the construction. And hardly on the bridge to the old town… phew, speechless! Dresden… sjdfklshdflkhsfkhlskdfjsf, again! Dresden, it feels like a realy huuuuuge museum! Yes, really. One great building after another. Amazingly great facades and simply everything really beautiful! That’s roughly how I imagine Rome to be (yes, ironically I haven’t been to Rome yet – coming soon!), just even more gigantic. And I’m not really the city type. At least I thought so. But if, if you haven’t been to Dresden yet… Go there, now, best directly!!!! goooooooooooooo. Are you still reading? Here are a few more pictures. But this 360degree view in reality is just breathtaking.

Hygiene Museum - just because its a great Museum with lots of interactivity
Canaletto-Blick - Dresden under construction

Well, and until this morning I wanted to report only good things about Dresden and also call the hostel by name! And then last night the big scratching or let’s call it the big itching started. And all of a sudden I thought… now I’m going to have a look at what’s itching so bad. I already suspected that one or a couple of mosquitos where attracted by me again (yes, mosquitos definitely like me! 100% in love for years!!! Yes, it’s the only attraction I get here!) but that is definitely an understatement! I spare photos for everyone. And especially me. Arm to arm, thigh to thigh… it must have felt like 40 mosquitos… or just bed bugs! From my latest research in Argentina, I think it was bed bugs. You can’t be sure, though. In a few days it should be healed again, but I had to disinfect all the things I had in the hostel as a precaution. Not that these animals make it into my car mattress. Anyway, I brought Fenistil (which is supposed to help against inflammation) and applied it all over my body (I thought the tube was empty, but it still has potential!). Short digression, why I am so “well” prepared with Fenistil for the journey:

It’s Sunday, 12.07.2020 and I was with my friends Lina and Pierre for the final cocktail drinking to leave the next day. In any case, I found a wasps’ nest in their garden that evening – but unfortunately the wasps discovered me first!!… after I was treated with two stings over my eyes and 5-8 stings on my arm, I could only say the words “what medicals do I need for my journey?” to Lina (doctor) before I drank the cocktails (ok, maybe a bit exaggerated 😉 ). Well, her best advice was Fenistil and Aspirin. Long story short,  Fenistil must be worth the money… Hopefully you’ll hear from me soon.

Cross your fingers

6 Replies to “Hitchhikers, Beautiful Dresden, first night in a hostel and bed bugs”

  • Oh nein Tobi …wie ärgerlich mit den Bettwanzen. Aber du hast mir mega Lust auf Dresden gemacht 🙂

  • Tobi, vielleicht solltest du dir auch Fenistil Tabletten kaufen… Insekten scheinen ja an dir gefallen zu finden 😜.

    • Hahaha, bei der nächsten Insektenattacke werde ich das in die nähere Auswahl mit aufnehmen! Ich verstehe einfach nicht was die Dinger an mir finden 😛

  • Hi Stephi,

    das freut mich sehr! Dann kann dein Englisch definitiv nicht zu schlecht sein :). Sobald sich das verständliche Schreiben ändert, bitte mir unbedingt bescheid geben.


  • Hi Tob,
    ich bin begeistert, dass ich dich tatsächlich auf Englisch verstehen kann! Bin ja eine Niete darin.
    Du schreibst super verständlich!
    Bis bald

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