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Departure checks in Andalucia and arrival on the Canary Islands

I have managed to leave Andalusia and am now sitting on Gran Canaria and can once again hit the keys a little. In fact, I left Andalusia exactly fittingly. Two days before my departure the rules were tightened a bit and instead of until 11 pm, bars and restaurants had to lower their shutters at 6 pm because of Corona. The rules were also tightened in so far that you are no longer allowed to travel within Andalusia. In this respect I was really happy that my rental flat was about to expire and I had already booked the flight to the Canary Islands. But nevertheless, it was not 100% sure that I could leave Andalusia by plane.

At the moment, you are only allowed to leave the region in Spain or enter a new region with a justified reason. Fortunately, the Canarian Islands are the only region of Spain that is excluded from this, so at least on the Canary Islands there is no control to enter. But I had to cope with the departure from Andalusia. And really everyone was checked at the airport in Malaga and questioned what the reason for leaving was. As tourist trips with one-way tickets do not count, I had to mention that I am flying via the Canary Islands to Germany. But that wasn’t enough for the local police and I had to show my onward ticket, which I bought at the airport via the Ryanair app to Germany and could show a few minutes later. Of course I let the ticket expire but unfortunately it was the only way to leave Andalusia. It’s all a little bit senseless and chaotic, because by car I would be allowed to drive through the regions back to Germany or other countries. One simply must not question the sense of the individual measures in too much detail at the moment. And now it is time to sit out the time on the Canary Islands and enjoy it until there are better times and I can pick up my car in Malaga. Because at the moment it is really the case that backpackers and travellers from all over Europe are arriving in the Canary Islands, because it is currently the only place where the virus is “still” relatively loosely dealt with and the restrictions are only reduced to wearing the “mask”.

At the moment I have accommodation in a hostel in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and in the next few days I will be thinking about whether I will stay here a little longer or travel a little to the other islands. After all, I have no time pressure. But what has to be said in the meantime concerning my further journey is that Africa is much closer to me than Europe. So let’s be surprised how things will go on ;). Here are some pictures from Las Palmas and see you soon

Playa de Las Canteras
Centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Statue at the Cathedral de Santa Ana

2 Replies to “Departure checks in Andalucia and arrival on the Canary Islands”

  • Sieht gut aus 🙂
    falls Du noch Reisetips für die Kanaren brauchst – ich war mal auf La Gomera, das war wirklich sehr schön. Und in Valle Gran Rey lief man auch keinen Touristenhorden über den Weg, alles ganz gepflegter Individualtourismus…

    • Sehr geil, danke! La Gomera soll echt toll zum trekking sein aber ich überlegt derzeit eher ob es nicht zu den näheren Inseln Lanzarote und Fuerteventura erstmal gehen soll 🤔

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