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How to do the Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Finally, after 2 hours of early morning walking, we find a group of gorillas. We walk up to a gorilla who is plucking off a few leaves to eat. As I stand about 5m in front of the gorilla, he stands up and beats his chest with his hands and then runs in the opposite direction, a little further into the jungle. My guide tells me that he has just greeted me. From there, the actual trek starts while I accompany the endangered mountain gorillas and follow them deeper into the jungle…

Full travel guide for backpackers and individual people to Lesotho

Life in the Kingdom of Lesotho is completely different from South Africa. When you are in Lesotho, you get the impression that you are living several years back in time. Most people still use the horse as a means of transport and the donkey as a pack animal. Sometimes people have to travel many kilometres a day to get from…

How to do the Sani Pass easily

The Sani Pass is a mountain pass that was built in 1913. It connects Lesotho and South Africa on the road between Mokhotlong (Lesotho) and Underberg (South Africa). Sani Pass is the highest pass in Africa and the third steepest pass in the world. It has the name as one of the “most dangerous roads”…